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Glenwood Barnes

Originally from Lancaster, SC, Glenwood called Philadelphia his home from the 1960s, and where he first started his artistic career in 1980s until the1990s. At the time he was self taught and was able to create and sell numerous paintings. He was very drawn to the realm of the surreal and oriental representations in his work.

Currently living in Charlotte, where, after a long hiatus, he dusted off his brushes when several years ago he came across Mint Hill Arts, an art center in Mint Hill, NC where he met artist and teacher Carlos Alvarez Cotera and began to paint again under his tutelage.

A certified carpenter and woodworker, his expertise in woodwork has won him many awards in several exhibits alongside his works on canvas. One of his proudest creations "His personal Van Gogh" as he calls it, it is a beautifully crafted high-end guitar.

Barnes has become very prolific and he continues to explore new techniques while refining and perfecting his ability as a painter. "I paint what I feel, be it realism, surrealism, abstract, and impressionism...
I am just an artist".

His work can be found in many different venues at any given time. Currently showing at Irene's Cafe, located at 11211-122 Lawyers Road, Mint Hill, NC 28227.

​Glenwood is also a Tai Chi instructor and teaches at the Mint Hill Kung Fu School. Yet, another form of art to add to his many skills.
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